The Tech Support Internship provides a unique experience to Leyden students.  Read about the Tech Support Internship and it's main objectives below.



Students in this pathway will pursue industry certifications.  Students may choose one or more of the following certifications:  Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3), Microsoft Office Specialist, Google Apps, and/or CompTia A+ Certification.

The Tech Support Internship is a year-long course that supports Leyden's 1:1 technology initiative.

Students in the Tech Support Internship get experience working in a real life tech support environment.

The Tech Support Interns have three main objectives:

1.  To support students' Chromebooks  

     through troubleshooting and repair.

2.  To support the faculty and staff with    

     technology needs.

3.  To pursue independent learning



When students are not supporting students' and/or faculty/staff technology needs, student work on a variety of independent pathways.  

These pathways allow students to explore and develop skills in a variety of technology subjects including computer programming, networking, app development, web design, etc.  

​The students also are given the opportunity to become certified in multiple industry recognized certifications.


For students who want to explore an area of technology that is not offered in TSI, an independent project will be created for them.

App Development

Students in this pathway will build and develop apps for the Chrome Browser, iPhone or Android devices. Students will gain experience developing applications using a web browser and either a connected phone or emulator. 


Students in this pathway will implement new communication technologies for Leyden students and staff.  Students will create websites, blogs, tutorials, and workshops related to Leyden's technology initiative.

Computer Programming

Students in this pathway will gain hands on experience in computer programming.  For Computer Programming, students may choose between three programming languages: C++,  JavaScript or Python. 

Independent Project

Students in this pathway may choose a technology topic that interests them and create a project incorporating that topic.  Students are required to submit a proposal outlining their project and get approval from their TSI instructor.

Web Design

Students in this pathway learn how to create webpages from scratch by utilizing a variety of programming languages.  Students will learn the fundamentals of what makes a good website and publish their site to the web.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Students in this pathway may choose to enroll in free technology courses from a variety of colleges and universities. Students who choose this pathway will be able to explore technology interests that are not offered as learning pathways through TSI.